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Ryan and Elle were both sorted into the same house at Hogwarts, their house being Hufflepuff. It had taken Ryan longer to be sorted then it was Elle as he was showing more characteristics for Slytherin then it was Hufflepuff, but after much thought, the hat decided that the badgers was where he should go. Ryan's favourite class would easily be Care of Magical Creatures as he finds joy in looking after different creatures as a way to unwind and relax after a stressful day at school while Elle prefers Charms class as she finds it a beautiful subject. Both Elle and Ryan are adopted siblings by a young wizarding family who couldn't have children of their own. They'd originally been born in Canada before moving somewhere closer to London. Due to the fact that they were both adopted, neither are aware of their bloodline but they also haven't been bothered enough to find out as they were perfectly happy the way they were and stuff the rest that did care.
Once school ends Elle hopes to further her knowledge on Charms while Ryan wants to focus his time in looking after sick magical creatures and learning what else he can about them. Neither had been very old when the second war had taken place and so they thankfully hadn't need to fight but they had needed to hide with their family. Despite being safe knowing he who must not be named wouldn't be particularly interested in their family, they took every precaution to stay safe and hidden until the war was over.
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