Cryptic Long Horse Leader

Blue Eyes Dragon Maiden

My self worth is not determined by others. Your self worth shouldn't be, either.

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Human Rights is Everything Women's Rights are Human Rights Black Lives Matter Science is Real Love is Love Kindness is Our Nature All Humans Are Legal Earth is Our Home


Ice has a magic can’t be controlled Stronger than one! Stronger than ten! Stronger than a hundred men!

The magic of the fairyfolk are still there, even though they've hidden...

true fairies and pixies hide underground now, while their miniature cousins live above the surface. The magic of ice and the magic of pixies, created my power.

My father has pixie blood. My mother is an ice witch. I am part pixie but I have no wings. No surprise, but years of evolution have led to true pixies losing their wings and true fairies retaining theirs.

But pixies never flew much anyway, choosing instead to walk among the nature they were part of.

My father's family was a true pixie family, living in Germany above ground, as they decided underground living wasn't for them. He met my mother on a trip to America.

And now, many years later, I'm Here.

It's so nice to meet you.


~I've got a drop dead simple childhood view of salvation~ ~You are the one I've been waiting for, all of my life~ ~Open up their eyes, force 'em all to see~ ~And the memories were lost long ago, but at least you have beautiful ghosts~ ~But the tangle had grown like a vine, and her heart knew it was time~ ~Even when you're sleeping, sleeping, keep your eyes open~ ~It's better now, feel better now~ ~It was the glow of a light, it was the heart of a song, it was the tear of a child who had never belonged, it was the wish of a soul, on an old neon light.~ ~And the big bad man and his big bad clan, their hands are stained with red~ ~But can you brave what you most fear, can you face what the river knows?~



Wand: 7 inch Cherry Wood, Phoenix Feather, Slightly Bendy

Homecountry: United States

Pet: White Cat

Height: 6"4


[Never be afraid to stand up for youself] [Be a rebel] [Music is life] [Be yourself] [Never give up] [Videogames are fun] [Outdoorsy] [I love reading] [I like writing too] [Loves manga] [Artsy but bad at it] [Love Taylor Swift}


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