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Name: Terri Artimis Black (Nee, Hasoz)

House: Ravenclaw

Mother: Zenia Hasoz (Nee, Lovegood) was killed by Lucius Malfoys dad

Father: Dene Hasoz, Killed by the crucio curse, casted by Lestrages father

Current living status: Malfoy Manor (Back when Lucius was in Hogwarts) 

Other realitives:

Jai Hasoz, sister

Hally Hasoz, sister

Lana Hasoz, sister

Xenophilious Lovegood, Mothers cousin

Pandora Lovegood, Mothers by law cousin

Luna Lovegood, Cousins child

Lila Hasoz, grandmother

Michael Hasoz, Grandfather

Jena Order, Aunt

Blood status: Half blood

Terri Black is a half blood metamorphmagus. Her parents had died when she was thirteen and was sent to live with the Malfoys as everyone assumed they were the Hasoz' closest friends.Lucius, who was a year older than her hated her, he had bullied her in the manor aswell. Terri ressumed life at Hogwarts, staying over on Holidays too.

Terri was very close to a Muggle-Born witch in the year ahead of her, Lily Evans, who was in Gryffindor



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