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I am Kathleen Martinez, a 2nd-year student of House of Slytherin. I am a pureblood, the second daughter of my parents. In my group of friends, I am the most 'normal' of all of them, so I'm telling everything about my friends instead! There's Alfonse, a Hufflepuff who has hidden qualities that even I do not know. Melody, a fellow Slytherin who can manipulate molecules to her will and is a musical prodigy. Archer, a Slytherin wizard who is attuned to lightning and a master at literature. Stella, another Hufflepuff whose skills lie in between life and death, and is a master at astronomy. Ethan, a Gryffindor, is wise in sciences despite being a wizard. Callie, a hybrid Gryffindor who can use emotions as a tool for magic, and is also an aspiring actress. Raven, a Gryffindor with incredible martial art skills and a secret background. Mayumi, a Ravenclaw whose skills are surrounded by death itself and is a great detective. Alex, an athletic Ravenclaw who can control time. Sabrina, a shadow-manipulating Ravenclaw who has a weird fascination with technology. Tristan, a Hufflepuff who is a prodigy in numerous areas, a representative of his family, and the guardian of the ideals of the universe and its powerful magic. Astrid, a cunning Slytherin who can control both light and darkness and is a bloodthirsty military student. Daniel, a Ravenclaw who is always sleepy and yet his area is surrounding the art of nightmares. And Kimberly, a fellow Slytherin with a great sleight-of-hand skills and a lovable jackass personality.

Even though I don't have such strong powers, I am glad to be their friend.

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