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Some details:

  • I enjoy rp as much as anyone here. For it to be fun, I do believe it's best we set our lines and veils at the beggining: homophobia, transphobia, racisms, violence are veils for me and I do not approve of these as part of our rp.

  • I appreciate complete sentences and parragraphs. I really like emotional driven stories where characters explin how they feel and what they see. Descriptions of places, atmospheres and character's feelings are much appreciated!

  • Let's try to write with propper grammar so we better understand each other :)

  • The use of punctuation ("") to identify character's dialogue is appreciated. 

  • Please try to avoid controlling my character for me. Try to avoid deciding my actions, my dialogue and my fate. I do appreciate you leaving the scene open to see how I'll respond and act rather than to decide it for me. I do understand the occasional need to take over control of a scene, just let's avoid making a habit out of it ;)

  • We all have other activities so let's try to be pacient with each other's responses and keep the rp going!

Many years ago, I was born on a cruising ship that went through the Sea of Japan. Ancient strong magical forces woke in response to the violation of an antique treaty between magical parties that prohibited any wizard to visit an Island of Uchū no Mahô. Being muggles, my parents did not realize the dangers of the magical world and upon arrival, something took my mother. However, the magic in my blood combined with the island's ancient power and I survived to grow up in America alongside my father.

Since I learned about my past, my mind has been set on the investigation of principles of magic. Learning the structure in which the magical world works and discover what mysteries lie within. When I got to Hogwarts, the sorting hat knew my place was in Ravenclaw. Though I attended Ilvermourny for many years, my goal has always been to continue my studies of magic under the best professors in my areas of interest. Charms, Transfiguration and DADA are beautifully dangerous fields of magic that have great potential, and a lot is unknown. After years of practice, I've become one of the most dedicated students and I hope I'll continue growing to uncover the mystery of my mother's disappearance. I only wish Hogwarts will become my home, and my inquiries can be fulfilled.

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