Alicia Merriweather

Dedicated Student

Devoted Hogwarts Student, Aspiring MACUSA Official

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 270 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States



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Hi! I am just SO excited to be here, aren’t you? I'm a muggle-born, so I had no idea that I was going to be magical. I was expecting nothing out of the ordinary when on that fateful day, an owl flew right through my bedroom window and landed on my shoulder! I gasped, for I had never received an owl before (duh, muggle-born) but had seen my friend Mabel get them (which was really weird but I never asked her about it). When it stuck out its leg, I was only too excited to untie the letter. Opening it, I squealed! Really loudly! (I think my parents freaked out a little bit.) So, here I am! Only too excited to be here...


  • Hair: Wavy, brown with gold streaks

  • Eyes: Hazel

  • Skin/facial features: Light skin, a few freckles here and there

  • Pet: Fluffy Nebelung cat with light green eyes, named Bella

  • House: Hufflepuff (a Ravenpuff but more loyal to Hufflepuff) ;)

  • Wand: Blackthorn wood with a dragon heartstring core, 11 ¼" and slightly yielding flexibility

  • Patronus: Siberian cat

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