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Hey! This is my profile for my OC. I'm a 27 year old Artist living in the US. Role-play with me!

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Morrigan is generally a friendly and unassuming girl. She keeps most details of her life private because of how she has been raised. Selfless and well-mannered, she would go to great lengths for those she cares about. Don't let this fool you, though. Morrigan will almost always speak her mind if provoked. She's laid back for the most part, and keeps her heads in the clouds when she's alone.

Her wand is a rigid, 13" Elder Wood with a Dragon Heartstring core.

Morrigan has a peculiar interest in the occult...ghosts, spirits, ouija boards, demons and the like. Where talk of Death would depress most people, she is absolutely fascinated with it, though this seems to make her life difficult fairly often, especially when she was attending Muggle school. The other kids were frightened of her because of how fervently she spoke of hauntings and the afterlife. As a result, she doesn't have many friends, and has been a loner ever since. Her parents think there is something wrong with her.

Morrigan likes small creatures, sunflowers, porcelain dolls and rain. She doesn't like loud noises like alarms. She is afraid of being mentally unstable. Fun fact: she once composed a dirge for a dead baby sparrow.

She's really excited about starting her Hogwarts journey.
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