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House: Hufflepuff, The Reason why The sorting hat Picked Me As Hufflepuff was I Love Helping Others, I Believe Hard Work Is The Key To Get What You Want. :)
"Pure blood" Blood May Be Thicker Then Water But Love Is Thicker Then Anything. :)
Renesmee: Meaning: Reborned and Loved" NIckname: Bambi Or Lamb
Personality: " Innocent" ,"Very Sheltered", Caring, Friendly,Imaginative, Kind, Merciful, Supportive,Creative, Honest
Character Bio: Hey Its My 1st Year Here At Hogwarts I Moved From France To Have My Schooling At Hogwarts, Thou My Mother didn't Agree Because she Enjoyed That i went to Beauxbatons,Im Also Passing My Favorite Classes Herbology, Astronomy, And My Elective the Care of Magical Creatures. :)My Greatest Strength Would be That I Am Wity And Kind And Know Very Much About charms. My Weakness Would Be Sometimes i Forget About myself, And Doing that I Let My Health Down. Though I Love Hogwarts There Are Classes I dont Really Like Nor do i enjoy them, It Was Flying I Have Always Had A Fear Of Heights And It Did Give Me The Jitters.Hm I Guess I would want to be A Healer And Work At St Mungo's Hospital, Or Become a Magizoologist, Or Even A professor.
WHAT I LOOK LIKE: "Short" 5'0, Curvy, Hourclass Shape, Dark Hair' With Flowers, BLoodred pouty Lips
Family: "Father" AKA Valentin" HOUSE: SLYTHERIN: "Pure Blood",JOB: "Auror Office",
"Mother"AKA Anastasie HOUSE: HUFFLEPUFF : "Pure Blood" " JOB: Herbologist"Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. :)
"Oldest Brother" AKA Marcel HOUSE SLYTHERIN, Dragonologist. :)
"Protective Older Brother" : AKA Alancy , "HOUSE: SLYTHERIN:Year 7 :)
"Older Sister": AKA Noémie: HOUSE : SLYTHERIN: Year 6 :)
"Older Brother" AKA Blaise HOUSE: SLYTHERIN : Year 5 :)
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