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Hey I'm Chanelle Lestrange!
Gender: Female
Personality: Clever, creative, can be rude, funny, snarky, caring, strong, loves getting into arguements
Looks: Is a metamorphosis (Can change appearance at will) But most of the time has brown hair, hazel eyes, and lots of makeup

Wand: Elder Wood, 11 3/4 inches, Pheonix feathe rcore
Patronus: Lion
Favorite class: DOTDA
Best Friends: Versailles and Athena
Status: Popular, makes fun of people
Blood type: Pure
Hobbies: Magical Cheerleading, shopping

"Ugh finally all those weak hufflepuffs got sorted, its finally my turn!" I said to my best friends. "I know right! It's gonna be so much fun to make fun of them later. I laughed as I walked up to the sorting hat. Suddenly everyone stopped talking and looked over at me. Not only was I basically the prettiest girl in the first year, I also had a big family legacy to live up to you know being the daughter of the iconic Bellatrix Lestrange. The sorting hat barely touched me by the time it screamed SLYTHERIN (Thank god because that poor excuse of a hat is fucking ugly.) Daddy had already bought me the best robes with special emroidary that sparkles as I walk. Of course its probably the reason everyone's eyes are glued to me as I strut over to the Slytherin table. Everyone cheers as I take a seat and smile back at them!
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