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Name: Sophie Alexia Green Age: 11 [ 05/12/2008] Wand: English Oak - Phoenix feather core - 12 1/2" - Hard flexibility Pet: Loki [Black Cat]

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I was born the 5th of December of 2008, in Spain, both of my parents are muggles. I was raised like a non-magical kid, went to muggle school and that stuff. One day, when I was five, the book I wanted from the upper shelf floated towars me, it was then when my parents thought there was something wrong with me. It was nothing but magical talent. Three years later my parents got divorced and I went with my mother to England and we lived there since this day.
I grow up loving books and being very curious, everytime I wanted to learn more and more, loving to listen to whoeer could teach me. I'm still a bookworm and a curious kid, but now I'm more introverted because of some problems I had in muugle school. But even with that, I'm really friendly and a lovely person who wants to make friends.
The summer of my eleventh birthday I received a letter from Hogwarts, and after buying everything and all the anxiety of staring classes, the first day arrived and it was sorting time. I was sorted in Ravenclaw, the Sorting Hat had no problems to make that decision.

Now that classes have started I can say that I hate Astronomy and DADA, because I'm not athletic and it's really hard to me, but I love Transfiguration and Herbology, but Potions is my best class. History of Magic it's not my thing but somehow I'm doing quite well. I'm trying really hard to prove that muggle-born like me can make it better than those mean kids that still belief that pure-blood are better than the others. Even in this time, some people still thinks that muggle-born and half-blood are less or worse, sometimes they say that to us, but usually they only ignore you and criticises you on your back. The first time it hurted me, but now I just ignore them. I'm glad that pets are accepted on Hogwarts, because my black cat Loki always comforts me when someone is too mean.
He is kinda hostile with others, but not that much with me.

Because I love Magical Creatures I want to become something that works with them. But I'm not that good with physical work so maybe something with potions or divination to help others in their bad times. I really want to help people or creatures, I don't mind whom. I know what some evil wizards have done and I don't want to become like they in any way.
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