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When I was sorted into Ravenclaw, I wasn't surprised. I love learning (and sharing what I know), so the Sorting Hat's decision was immediate. I love all my classes, especially transfiguration-there are so many possibilities (plus I'm a natural)! I also really enjoy potions. I am a pureblood (not that my family really cares). My greatest strength is how I can (accidentally and occasionally on purpose) make transfiguration spells permanent. My greatest weakness is either how I don't always know if I have made a spell permanent, or chocolate. I don't know what I want to do after I finish school yet, but I'm looking at the possibilities. The most fascinating aspect of magic is just how much we can change the world around us. When I get out of school, whatever I do, I'm going to help people with my magic (following the Secrecy rules as much as possible, of course). We have three talking cats at home (AKA how we knew for sure I wasn't a squib). Rose is the oldest. She is very friendly and has learned how to back away when someone doesn't want company. She has also learned to read, which delights my younger sister to no end! The other two, Fudge and Flame, are littermates and have very different personalities. Fudge will comfort, snuggle, and play with you whether you want him to or not, and Flame has taken it upon himself to make sure we are all safe from everything. As a result Flame is paranoid about everything and won't let anyone outside our immediate family even touch him. I have one sister who is two years old and randomly enchants books to read themselves out loud to her. Our family also has a longstanding tradition for everyone to have an Animagus form by the time they are old enough to attend school-mine is a jet-black cat. Our family also has the tradition of sending the oldest child to Hogwarts instead of Ilvermorny. My family has also been blessed (or cursed-the exact details are lost to time) to be exceptionally strong at transfiguration. By the time we're sixteen, if we haven't already, we are forced to take on a random animagus form (hence the unsureness of if it's a blessing/curse and the tradition of taking an animagus form so young).
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