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Hey, fellows! Shy as I may be, I have a fun side, seeking mischief and a serious side, seeking good grades. See ya! ;)

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Full name: Cassandra Day

Nickname: Cassie

Age: 12

Weight: 42 kg

Height: 156 cm

Bad traits: Stubborn, unteachable.

Good traits: Wise, persevering.

Appearance: I am quite pretty if I should say so, I have brown hair dyed pink and brown eyes. My profile picture basically says, "HEY! WHAT YOU LOOKING AT?!" XD

Blood: Pureblood and quite proud of it. Humans can be as smart as witches can though, so anything could happen. *shrug*

Dreams/Aspiration: An Auror in the Ministry of Magic!

Personality: I am a unique child I should say. Witty yet wise, stubborn yet smart. Stuck in my own personal bubble as a child, I did not have many friends, often going to the library, reading the dictionary (it's actually QUITE interesting!). Used to pull pranks on everyone. With a mind with such large capacity, I was able to cramp in useful and useless knowledge into my brain. I also had a brave heart, always willing to venture out to an abandoned cave with a sense of curiosity and impulse. Awesome at quizzes, terrible at quidditch, I was a trophy and a joke to my family.

When hard times came, I used to go to the library, crying, consoling myself with a book or a snack. Of course, I'm a foodie. FOODIES UNITE! XD

Receiving the Hogwarts letter, I had leaped with joy. Who knew what adventures awaited me? ;)

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