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I'm a Ravenclaw but the Sorting Hat took a while to decide. It was split between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw but I think it made a good decision. I love Charms, it's my best subject. Professor Flitwick is my favourite teacher and the magic of Charms Is just incredible. But History of Magic is so boring. Even Professor Binns falls asleep and the essays just take up so much time. Somehow I still do well in that class and I guess it's because I do put the effort in, like all my classes. I'm a half-blood. My dad's a wizard, my mum's not. It was a bit of a shock when she found but it's all good now. I like to think that my greatest strength is writing but I am quite shy around new people and overthink a lot of situations. But when I'm with friends I am a lot more open and friendly. After school, I want to work in the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Education or as a Spell Researcher. I've also always been interested in becoming a Healer. Healing sounds incredible - being able to make people better and cure them of deadly illnesses, but then I love Charms and researching new and old ones would be fascinating. I've got a lot of decisions to make. I have a cat, Mittens, whom I brought with me to Hogwarts. She is very friendly and loves anyone in the Common Room who'll give her some attention - she'll always appreciate some scraps too. It's so comforting to have her here, a solid, comfortable cat who I can always rely on for a cuddle.
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