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there is no evil in sorcery, only in the hearts of men.

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<p[ basic information ]

full name:
ophelia love knight
c. malina weissman

• ”what’s the matter, opie?”
- a childish nickname that only her closest of close friends call her.

• “are you okay, lia?”
- a shortened version of her name that most people call her.

• “watch where you’re going, knight.”
- not really a nickname, but those who aren’t close to her or dislike her usually refer to her as her last name.



date of birth:
may thirteenth


blood status:
muggle-born (mudblood)

black walnut. phoenix feather core. 12.5’ & rigid flexibility.


[ personality ]

positive traits:
modest. kind. considerate. loyal.
diligent. patient. imaginative.
enthusiastic.creative. humble

negative traits:
cowardly. clumsy. worried.
nervous. jealous. forgetful. too altruistic.
gullible. insecure.

• ophelia really enjoys music! though she is much more accustomed to artists in the muggle world rather than the wizarding world so she usually sings songs that she heard while on break.

• she has enjoys pranks and a good laugh. she has very often been the subject of the joke, due to her being so gullible, but she tries to not let it bother her as at least it brought joy to someone.

• she enjoys cheering on the quidditch team, when she’s not playing. she loves to support all of her friends on opposing teams.

• surprisingly, she loves bugs! she’s not afraid to pick up any bug that may cross her path as long as it isn’t harmful.

• ophelia hates being used, but despite this she never even realizes that she’s being walked over until one of her other friends point it out.

• she HATES bullies. she has never understood why people could just be rude to innocent people and not feel guilt.

• she strongly dislikes being spoken over, despite her shy nature. she hates when her ideas get shut down just because she’s seen as innocent.

good at:
though she wouldn’t outright say there was a specific course that she exceeded in, she will admit that care of magical creatures or herbology are her favorite courses.

bad at:
history of magic is ophelia’s worst subject by far. she finds it hard to memorize dates and events together, but she tries to study and take good notes to at least pass.

baking. reading. spending time outside with creatures.

failure. drowning. darkness. death of loved ones.

ophelia wants to become a magizoologist, but she’s decided if that didn’t work out then she would also love to become a professor and teach care of magical creatures or even herbology.

[ family ]

richard knight. muggle. alive.
english. c. bryan dechart

juno dickerson - knight. muggle. alive.
american. c. anne hathaway

her owl, gizmo.

blood status:
muggle-born (mudblood)

social standing:
ophelia is kind to everyone so usually nobody gives her a hard time, but she isn’t necessarily perfect.

[ individual magic ]

wand reaction when first held:
when ophelia first held her wand it felt like the entire world slowed down and angels were singing. as soon as she grasped it, she felt powerful and in a way, more inclined to help others around her. the wand itself, while she pointed it and swished it, managed to carry a book across the room.

her parents lying dead.

there is a purity to the rabbit, one that is incredibly rare. these people, no matter how many cynical or bitter ideas the world may give them, will always have a curious innocence to them. the world interests them greatly, and they want to explore it without being judged harshly. they are very sensitive and emotional, and are not embarrassed to show this. they can lack confidence at times, because they may have others put them down and make them feel like they are not as strong as everyone else. this is untrue, those with this patronus have beautiful hearts and serene souls deep within them, no matter what else goes on in their life. they need to hold onto this to find their true happiness.
(c. patron-a-bum on tumblr)

rabbit. she is not a registered animagus.

swirl of golden yellow. sweet tasting.

she smells of jasmine and cedar wood.

[ prologue ]

to be edited ...
as a child i always knew that i was different, but kept it hidden until my hogwarts letter came in. my parents were very excited that - them both being muggles - had a witch in the family which allowed me to embrace who i am and what i can do. i didn't grow up in the magic world, but it all seems so fascinating to me. it's like everything is a surprise! i grew up in america until i was nine, when my father decided he wanted to live closer to his home and where he grew up (my mother is american, while my father is english). so that makes everything strange for me as well, because while my parents live in our london home while i attend school, we always spend my extended break at home in america.

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