Catlin Wether (Rilshalee)

Magical Librarian

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I had a unique upbringing, being born and raised in North America and coming of age in Scotland. My magical education began with Ilvermorny, where I was chosen for House Pukwudgie, but after my father died in a run-in with a Hoop Snake, my family relocated and I started in Hogwarts as a fifth-year. It was strange, being a fifth-year student standing with all those first-years to be sorted. The Sorting Hat seemed to take forever to choose---around four and a half minutes, I'm told, but I didn't think it too unusual at the time. I was nearly sorted into Gryffindor, but at the last second I was chosen for Ravenclaw instead.

My favorite classes in both schools were Potions, Herbology, History of Magic, and Defense Against The Dark Arts. I preferred Potions above all because it's precise and clear, and there's lots of room to think, and I can look into my cauldron and see a finished product and know that I've created something useful. I also enjoyed Transfiguration, and I seem to have a knack for taking one thing and making something new out of it---perhaps because of my strong imagination. I'm rubbish at Herbology despite my love of knowing what plants can do; I'm better at using them than growing them. I struggled with Charms and Divination despite enjoying them both, and I did well in Defense Against The Dark Arts despite not enjoying the class at first. Despite being decent with a broom, I'm terrible at Quidditch.

After graduating Hogwarts (with very high marks, I might add), I decided to pursue a career in educating young people. I started off working in the Ministry of Magic's Department of Education, but eventually I found a position curating a Wizarding library, and there I found my true passion. Books, knowledge, research---making learning and information accessible to young people, and teaching them how to find the answers for themselves---that is my great purpose.

On the side, I pursue my other passion: writing. Both creative and nonfiction. Someday, I want to be one of the authors whose books young witches and wizards hunt for on library shelves.

As for my personal background, I'm a half-blood. My mother's family is magical, and my father was a No-Maj. (Sorry, Muggle. Old habits die hard.) I find that in general, half-bloods are treated just like anyone else in most corners of the world, though occasionally I'll get an odd look or a nasty glare from one of "those" purebloods. I never judge anyone for their status and I rarely reveal mine.

I was born between Voldemort's times in power and I didn't go to school until a year or two after his second defeat, but I saw the memorials and the influence of his defeats every day while at Hogwarts and I paid close attention to that time in History of Magic. I strongly believe in learning from the past.

My greatest strength is my honest desire to help people and bring good into the world, along with my creativity. My greatest weakness... As an honest person, I often assume that everyone else is honest too. My trusting nature has often led me into trouble. I'm stubborn, imaginative, thoughtful, goal-oriented, passionate, and quirky. I'm equally likely to break the rules as I am to fiercely defend them, but I have a strong sense of right and wrong. I'll do just about anything on a dare.

My companion is a ginger tomcat who'd rather roam than sleep, but he's very affectionate---especially if you're holding a container of cat food.

My beloved wand is Alder wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility. I'm capable of producing a Patronus---a Dun Stallion. I'm capable, if not skilled, with Legilimency and Occlumency. The spell that I use the most often is Accio because I'm constantly losing things and forgetting where I put them.

Ah, I must say that I also, as a half-blood, have a deep interest in many No-Maj---sorry again, *Muggle*---topics and pop culture obsessions...especially Star Trek.

Live long & prosper.
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