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I was sorted in to Slytherin, the hat made the decision because I asked the hat to put me in Slytherin. I was a the odd on out, because all of my family have either been Ravenclaws or Hufflepuffs. The classes that I like the most are potions, charms and care of magical creatures. I am a pureblood wizard, my blood status has not affected my life in the wizarding world because my family doesn't flaunt are blood status around. I was not born when He Who Must Not Be Named rose to power but my parents were and they use to tell me stories about it when I was younger. My greatest strengths are that I am very enthusiastic and love to learn and I enjoy learning about almost anything. My greatest weakness is that I don't take critisim well and that I am too hard on myself. What I am looking forward to doing after school is to become independent. The most fascinating aspect of magic is learning about all the different magical creature there are. I want to use magic to help myself and to help others. I have 2 snakes called Snowbird and Sunshine and I have 2 owls called Shadow and Sooty and I have a Kneazle called Saffron. My snakes are very friendly and only get feisty when they think I'm in trouble or when they are hungry. My owls are well grounded owls and stay out the way of the snakes and like to be feed lots of owl treats. Saffron is a very calm kneazle, she just lays around all day doing nothing. The interesting thing about my family is that we have Danish, Swedish, Polish  and Russian descendants and there have been a few disagreements within my family. The latest one was when I got put into Slytherin, my Grandparents fear that I will go down the wrong path.

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