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Joy Moonstone
Whenever I'm not reading a book of the endless pile next to my bed, I'll be making art. Painting, drawing, writing, acting and singing. My head is always in the clouds but somehow I don't miss out on lectures while dreaming away. I'm quite good at multitasking, so that helps. When I was little my mother would read to me before bedtime, but while I was listening I would also have a book of my own on my lap which I read simultaneously. Whenever she asked me what her last sentence was or the storyline, I was always right. So she accepted this oddness.
I live with my grandmother, mother, younger sister and brother close to the coast. My mother was also a Ravenclaw, and my grandmother too. I'm the oldest so my younger brother and sister will follow me soon.
We live in a cottage that is always filled with animals, large gardens and the smell of apple pie. My mother is a healer and my grandmother is a herbalist. My father died when I was quite young. I was told he was an astronomer. His old study is locked most of the time, but I found the key last summer and spend much time reading through all of his books (every wall is filled with huge bookcases!) and playing with all his constellations of the planets and stars.
I'm so excited to enter Hogwarts, but I'll definitively miss home.

Full Name: Joy Ostara Moonstone

Birthday: June 9

Wand Information: Hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, 10 ¾" and slightly springy flexibility

Patronus: Amur Leopard

Appearance: a petite young woman with brown curls, turquoise eyes and most likely found twirling in dresses in floral fields.

Personality traits: loving, warm, curious, creative, intelligent, anxious, homesick, observative, kind, multitasker, chaotic.

Loves: Art, Reading, Writing, Acting, Singing, Painting, Drawing, Watching the stars, Dancing through floral fields, Poetry, History, Nature, Animals, Myths and Storytelling, Discovering and solving mysteries, Crystals, The Moon, The Sea, Tea, Baking, Cats and Owls, Learning, Living with the seasons, Exploring nature.

Despises: Cruelty, Dishonesty, Unfairness, Heights, Mice, the Cold, People who can't think for themselves, Rigid thinking.

Dreams: to help make this world better for all living beings, plants, animals, humans and otherly creatures.
(and become an artist, teacher or librarian)

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