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Lavender Croatin is the Oldest Of the 3 Croatin Siblings
Her Mother Alesia Croatin Married Hunter Croatin after they left Hogwarts.
They had Lavender after 3 years, A year later came Jack Criatunt the 2nd Oldest, and Crystal Croatin is the youngest of the 3 pureblood siblings.

Their Bloodline goes all the way back to Salem, Yes, The Salem, Where Innocent women and witches Were Burned at the stake or sent to be hanged. She's proud of Her past, It shows how Witches were treated back then.

On her father's side of her family the Bloodline goes back to Spain, Her grandmother and Grandfather raised her father in Spain, That's where the 3 were raised before moving to London and attending Hogwarts.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Lavender Has Bright blue hair with black roots, her pale skin and red lips compliment her features. She has an Hourglass body, she has a scar that reached down from her eyebrow to her cheek on the left side. of her face. On her body, she has a bunch of scars resembling her past as a competitor to fight others. you can usually find her wearing some dress pants and suit with a tie with the colors representing her house.

Personality: Lavender is a very reserved girl, but once you get to know her shes very nice and caring

pets: Lavender has a black cat named moon and an owl named Silver. She has her own pets at home such as baby dragons she cares for and some lizards, she has a whole greenhouse for them and 5 acres of the land in her home is used to care for the creatures.

——— other info ———
Lavender was born in the Marauders era, And during her time in school she took a fancy to One Remus lupin. They Eventually got married When Both left Hogwarts, She had known about his secret ever since there last year at Hogwarts. They Had started dating in their fifth year. She happened to get picked by none other than Lucius Malfoy, Luckily, the Werewolf was there and helped her against her 'bully'.
From there on she became Lavender Lupin. She became a Professor at Hogwarts teaching Care of Magical Creatures.

When she and lupin had gone a year into being married, Lavender found out she was pregnant. She was ecstatic no doubt, but was she really ready to become a mother?
Her thoughts sent her to a depressive state and soon she was overworking herself, One day she was caught in her classroom grading papers at 2 In the morning by her husband. She felt disappointed in herself for not taking care of herself. She took maternity leave her and Remus decided to settle in a small home in the countryside, A few months later Lavender gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Roland lupin. He stayed with Lavenders mother while she and Remus went back to teach at Hogwarts.

She has been happy having her small little family, She couldn't ask for more.

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