Brittany Black

Seer/Animagus/Head of MLE

My name is Brittany Black. I'd love for you guys to be my friend!

  • Joined March 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


Brittany Angelica Black was born to rich parents Charles and Anna-Marie Black. As she was their first child, she got quite a bit that she wanted growing up. Just as she turned 7, her mother gave birth to another child. Brittany protected this child with her life, wanting to be the best big sister she could for the young one. She made sure she was around to help with the baby whenever she could be, which her parents were relieved to see.

Unfortunately, the happiness and peace did not last long in the Black family household. As her parents left Brittany and the baby with other relatives as they went on a business trip, the family plane was caught in a storm, causing the plane to crash into the Atlantic Ocean below them. Brittany was devastated as she heard the news, holding a crying toddler to her chest as she sobbed on her Aunt and Uncle's couch. They were both placed into a Foster home and they stuck with one another, Brittany clinging to every memory she had of her mother and father, as well as the family picture that she had in the locket around her neck.

Brittany arrived to Hogwarts, an anxious and eager eleven year old who was just ready to learn all she could. She remembered watching her parents use magic around the house, and she was all ready to be just like them, using magic whenever she wanted. The castle was ENORMOUS and sent her into a state of shock as she took her first glance at it. After the boat ride across the Black Lake, she entered the school for the first time and braced herself for the Sorting. As the first years were marched into the Great Hall, she felt all eyes on them, so she shrank back a tad bit. Names were called and, eventually, the name "Brittany Black" was yelled across the large hall.

As soon as the Sorting Hat was placed upon her head, the hat screamed, "RAVENCLAW!" A grin broke out upon Brittany's face as she handed the hat back and dashed to the Slytherin table, where everyone was clapping for her. She found a seat and sat with her new Hogwarts Family, overjoyed at what was to come in the next seven years of her education in this castle.


Brittany quickly made herself at home, finding a spot on the Ravenclaw House Quidditch Team. She fit right in with everyone on the team, and was soon apart of yet another team, finding herself as the Female Ravenclaw Prefect. Friendship were quickly made and she felt at home in the castle, never once missing the 'home' she had previously occupied. When the year came to a close, she was sad that she had to leave all her new friends and return to the Foster home, but she knew that once the summer was over, she would be right back, talking to them again.

Brittany found herself passing everything with Os in every subject during her OWLs and NEWTs. After Graduating hogwarts, Brittany didnt understand where she wished to go. The young girl realised her heart was set on being an Auror and so she trained and became succesful. Later, she was promoted and became head of the department of Magical Law enforcment.

The full moon came up and Brittany had done all the steps- she was becoming an Animagus. Finally, it happened. Brittany transformed into a beautiful Phoenix. She swooped through the sky, laughing before returning to her normal self.

Brittany awoke. She had a vision her sibling would die next Monday. Thinking it was simply a dream, Brit slept again. Except the next monday, Brittany received distressing news that her sister had died. Brittany talked to a magical specialist about it and found out that she was a seer...

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