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My name is Petal. I'm just a normal 11 year old. OK, not exactly normal. I'm a half-blood witch. I'm a first year at Hogwarts. My fave class is the Great Hall to eat.
OK, OK, I'm just joking. My ACTUAL fave class is Potions. I love to brew em'!!! Especially if its a love potion. *dreamy look*
*slaps myself* Sorry.
I love to eat pumpkin pie and my fave food is pizza with half pineapple and the other half just plain cheese. I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat meat.
I'm the only one in our family. I basically just love animals, thats prob why.
I really love to play Quidditch. My fave position is Beater and I guess I'm fairly good at it. I can handle the position on any broom, and I practice a lot when I'm not busy. So you'll probably see me on the Quidditch field if you can't find me anywhere else.

Wand-12 inches, willow and unicorn hair
Face Shape-soft diamond
Fave Animal-swans, of course

My mom is a muggle and my dad is a pure-blood wizard(Ron and Hermione's son)
Mum-Serena Van de Woods
Dad-Hugo Granger-Weasley
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