Mara Jade Rin


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When Professor Mongolia first came to my home I was beyond surprised and couldn't believe that it wasn't a dream until I was getting my wand from Ollivander's, English oak wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and supple flexibility. And before I knew it I was being sorted into my house. I was sorted into Ravenclaw after about 10 minutes of the sorting hat debating on weather I belonged in Hufflepuff or not. After he finally made his decision I was welcomed by a group of eccentric and diverse people who I couldn't help but feel an immediate connection with. Afterward, as I gathered my robes and climbed up the numerous staircases following my perfect we reached the eagle knocker and I felt my heart skip a beat as it asked a question I could answer, so I did and got us all into the dormitory. My Skreech owl came with the mail the next morning and I grew rather confused as to why a random person had sent me a package. On the package, it said that is was from Vincent Crabbe and Professor Flitwick immediately pulled me aside and checked the box before I could open it. Inside was a penknife and a master key accompanied by a letter saying "I knew your mother well and she would've wanted you to have these .-Vincent Crabbe" Under a false bottom was her neckless and a ring along with a watch. Carved into them was my name Mara Jade Rin in elegant words. I wore them every day and always had his other gifts with me. I grew to love all of my classes but of them all, my favorite was Defense Against the Dark Arts. However, every day someone else who I didn't know would send me a package with a wonderful gift inside. I would always reply with a thank you letter and eventually I was able to tell you everything about them. Being muggle-born I didn't understand how so many people knew my mother however eventually I found out that it was because she was always around magic though a muggle. I just recently cast my first Patronus which turned out to be a Piebald Mare. Not bad for a 1st year right.
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