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(Younger Student) When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day, I didn’t know what it would mean. At first I thought it was just a joke, ya know? My brother sometimes played pranks on me, or blamed me when some weird stuff happened around the house. How was I supposed to know regular pencils couldn’t write in all the colors of the rainbow? Plus, we weren't even anywhere near Europe, let alone London. My family forced me to move with them halfway across the globe to India, where they want me to, as they put it, "face the real world". Anyway, my parents were going to go shopping in Bangalore anyway and they figured they would humor me and my "magic nonsense". Boy, the look on their face when we stopped by The Black Rabbit pub and the sign said “The Leaky Cauldron” instead! I knew then that there was a witch or wizard sent to help me get away from there. The innkeeper was an odd but friendly man, and there were some people to help show us around. I knew the secret way to Diagon Alley, and I managed to get my parents in without them even knowing where in the world we were! The coolest part of Diagon Alley was picking up my wand from Ollivander's (when my parents weren't looking, of course). I love plants, but I hate Herbology! I don't want the burden of learning it to intervene in the extravagant time I'll spend at Hogwarts, so I might finish with “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi” before school even starts. I couldn't buy a pet, as it would be too obvious to my parents, but I met some students there just like me as well, and since magic was used in their house, they offered to keep my set of textbooks with them in their house until we met again on our first day in Hogwarts. They didn't really use mobile phones, so we ended up giving each other's addresses and decided to do it the old classic way through letters. I can't wait! The only thing is, I need to find someone who can help me escape once every year to get all the way to London.

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