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I come from a long line of wizards and witches from Korea, but my family immigrated to the UK two generations ago. When I first put the Sorting Hat on, it took quite a while for it to decide to place me in Gryffindor over Ravenclaw; I'm glad it chose Gryffindor, though. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. After immediately taking a liking to Defense Against the Dark Arts, I've started to entertain the notion of becoming an Auror. Using magic to protect the defenseless and uphold justice looks to me like one of the noblest causes. I certainly do like excitement and taking down bullies. Moving on, Charms, Flying, and Transfiguration are pretty lively, too. If I had to choose the worse subject, I suppose it'd be Potions. It's just way too boring. Anyway, I've found it quite easy to make friends here in Gryffindor; we're practically all chivalrous, brave, and totally awesome. Although, we've apparently garnered a bit of a reputation for making mischief, showing off, and behaving recklessly. I know we have that rep because my sister, a Ravenclaw, complains to me all the time. Like her Ravenclaws aren't a bit a snobby. Besides, she's one to rant about House eccentricities; she, the supposedly intellectual and high-minded Ravenclaw, has the weirdest obsession with owls, hence the nickname "Hooters."

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