Olivia O.


Hi! I’m some random Hufflepuff who doesn’t really know what they’re doing! My current dorm mates are Reiko and R u b o b (and 3 no names!)

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Name: Olivia O.
Birthday: 18th December
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Half-blood
Wand: Ivy wood, Phoenix feather core
Pets: 2 owls (Percy and unnamed), 4 cats (Cloud, Tiger-roll, Smokey and Ashe), 1 pygmy puff (Skye) and 1 goldfish (Pooky (Don’t ask why, I was like 5 ok?)). Ps Pooky is the only real animal out of these in real life. The rest are just toys and figures.
Family: Muggle dad, Hufflepuff mum, Ravenclaw younger brother
Basic appearance: Dark brown, straight, long hair; dark brown eyes; red glasses; average height
Just realised I didn’t add personality so woooop
Personality: Usually quite shy, very loyal to friends and will stay their friend even if they have nothing in common or haven’t spoken in a few weeks, enjoys reading outside or in the library, always carries a book to read for fun when at school, used to be smart but feels like they are slowly getting more dumb.
Random Extra: Why did I use semi-colons in the appearance part...
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