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Hi, I Am Ginny M. Weasley!! I love to make new friends and most importantly use the bat bogey hex!!

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~+ First year student +~
Sonald Weasley
** I have lived nine years of my life with aunt Alfreda. She is a magical person and has studied in Beauxbatons. She has told me stories of famous witches and wizards who exist today also like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. Aunt Alfreda was a friend of Fleur Delacour who is Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter’s sister-in-law and who also played an important role in the battle of Hogwarts. She told me that she had found me lying on the streets in a blanket and later legally adopted me by the ministry of magic’s approval who claimed me to have magical abilities and that i was from a muggle lineage ~which the ministry of magic found out by thorough research of how i ended up on the streets. Even though aunt told me innumerable times that i belonged to the magical world just like her, i wouldn’t believe her words. I suffered from arachnophobia. One day i found a few friends talking about how they would later scare me with fake spiders. The second my anger bounced to my Temples the fake spiders started to move, multiply and Attack my friends. That’s the day I discovered my magical capabilities. Aunt Alfreda married a guy of her age Robert Johnson ~ a muggle unknown to the fact about alferda’s magical lineage ~ when i was around six. At the age of nine i found out that Robert secretly hated me. I overheard him saying that he only married aunt for her money which he would inherit fully if i wasn’t there. I also overheard him saying he was going to something bad to me. Knowing that i would suffer if i stayed i told alfreda aunt what i heard and ran away from the house, the same night. I took all my stuff ~ My clothes nine year old toys and the Samsung phone Alfreda gifted me. I sat hungry on the streets for about a day and soon found a full time job at a cafe, also providing a room to stay. I made two best friends there ~ Danny and lilac ~ who are of my age and were also homeless children. Apparently this cafe violated the child labour policy however provided jobs to children who needed a home. We three had soon decided to move into one room instead of three different ones so that we could increases our savings.
I had about a ten thousand euros savings at the age of eleven. I receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter a week before my birthday. I wasn’t surprised. However i was surprised at the fact that Danny and lilac weren’t surprised upon learning that i can do magic. And later i found out that they both had also received their Hogwarts letter a week before i did and that the were about to tell me about the magical powers they also carried. Now they also study in Hogwarts. While i was sorted into gryffindor the both smarty pants got sorted into ravenclaw. I am currently very happy here. During the term breaks we will return to the cafe and stay in that room again. My best friend has changed. My best friends are Nia Lucas and Niall Lucas who are twins. I share my girl dorm with Nia. I have also applied to the commentator post in the quidditch team. My favourite subject is astronomy as i love star sighting.
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