Shiloh Kingsley

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Hello! I'm Shiloh Kingsley and I'm a Gryffindor. The Hat decided that almost immediately and I've decided to take it as a compliment. I'm a muggleborn, so I don't know too much about the world of wizards and all these new classes I'll be taking, but I was big on rugby back at home, so I want to try out of the Quidditch team as soon as I figure out how these brooms work. So far, people haven't been too awful to me for being a muggleborn, although I've heard plenty of horror stories. My greatest strength is probably that I'm strong. I have a bit of a temper and I lose it fast at assholes or anyone how bothers my friends. I've read some books about famous witches and wizards and the jobs that sound exciting to me are being a duelist or a Quidditch player. I guess we'll find out how suited I am for those as I learn more! At home I had a rottweiler named Abby and two twin little brothers named Thomas and Andrew who I'm glad to have a break from. My dad's an American diplomat and my mom's a biology professor at Oxford, so there was a bit of an expectation for me to go into some academic field. Hopefully I can find something here that my talents are actually good for.

Wand: Applewood, phoenix feather core, 12 1/4", supple
Patronus: Mastiff
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