Skylar Rivera


Started School on 24th March 2021. I want to graduate from Hogwarts to be able to teach later. I use she/they pronouns.

  • Joined April 2014
  • Member of Hufflepuff
  • 127 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Croatia


I was born in Istria to Serbian muggles.

My parents were always interested in spirituality and the otherworldly so when I read the Chronicles of Harry Potter I was immediately immersed in the world. In my second year of muggle School, I got teased by my teacher for reading the Harry Potter Chronicles instead of the assigned books. I frequently had troubles with assigned reading, but I read the Chronicles with ease. Probably because they were about an individual similar to me, a wizard.

I started exploring numerology, astrology and chiromancy and the history of magic. After my 6th year of muggle School I enrolled into a "science camp". It was mostly focused on astronomy, but I ended up in the muggle study of living beings group, because I felt that as a girl I couldn't understand and facilitate the construction of muggle astronomy instruments like "the rover" and the telescope. Now I know I underestimated myself, because I am talented when it comes to taking things apart and putting them together - just ask my cats!

I enrolled into my muggle High School because it looked like Hogwarts and because I wanted to learn Latin and Ancient Greek, like the old witch kind did. At the time I had no way to leave Croatia for education at Hogwarts so that was the alternative. There I met a classmate fluent in Latin who implied my great-grandmother on my father's side might have been a kind of witch that lived in the Ancient Greece, because of the way she stressed my name. I believe that is where I got my magic, because I have no knowledge of any other relatives with magical abilities.

After muggle School I enrolled in muggle University - I studied Anthropology and German language and literature and Anthropology provided me with a lot of resources on magic knowledge from different cultures. This year I graduated as a Mistress of Anthropology and Pedagogy and am now ready to focus on my Hogwarts studies. My father is particularly interested in muggle Herbology so I am hoping to help him in garden after studying at Hogwarts.

I am very grateful to finally have time to attend classes and be the best student possible! Send me an owl if you want to be friends, join my dormitory if you are a Hufflepuff and freely write on my wall if you need help.

I will help if I can!

p.s. Skylar Rivera is not my given name, but it is my wizard name that everyone at Hogwarts uses, myself included, so please refer to me as Miss/Mix Rivera or Skylar. Thank you in advance
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