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“We are all brothers under the skin, and I, for one, would be willing to skin humanity to prove it.” —Ayn Rand

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Just a bit of info about yours truly.
+I am female irl, but I love roleplaying as both genders+
+all my ocs are Slytherin+
+all images came from google~ I dunno face claims...+
+I can write in novella or just use short paragraphs~ please no one-lined responses+
+I never care what genre~ I don't care if it gets a little dirty (nothing beyond making out)
+When choosing an OC, please look at their character traits and not just their faces... it's what's on the inside that counts ^-^+
+Bare with me when I'm trying something new. I'm a slow thinker and typer, but I still love testing my writing abilities.+
+I'm not the worst writer, but I'm definitely not the best, and I often am very vague. Feel free to give constructive criticism or just ask me to rewrite the whole damn thing.+
+If I ghost you, it's because you didn't do as I normally ask or I just thought the RP got boring. Feel free to try and RP with me again.+

<font face="pacifico">+Zayden Champers+
>zodiac sign: Virgo
>sexuality: straight
>blood status: Pureblood~ doesn't care
>wand: Applewood, 13 in., Thestral hair core
>patronus: Grey Wolf
>year: 6 (varies on rp)
>age: 15 (varies on rp)
>animals: black cat~ Salem, Tawny Owl~ Astus
>personality: generally nice, perfectionist, intelligent, bookworm, coffee and tea addict, introvert
>loves~ animals, reading, writing (plans to work on the Daily Prophet), forget-me-nots
>fears/boggart~ falling in love, small spaces
>patronus: Cougar
>fun facts: animagus (crow), can see Thestrals, very skilled with Magical Creatures




"Chaos was a law of nature; Order was a dream of man." ~Henry Adams

+Kodiak Porter+
>zodiac sign: Saggitarius
>sexuality: demisexual
>blood status: Halfblood~ sister is Camilla Porter
>wand: Alder wood, 14 1/2 in., phoenix feather core
>year~ 7 (varies on rp)
>age~ 17 (varies on rp)
>animals: Scops Owl: Timere~ shared with Camilla Porter
>personality: protective, giving, optimist, extrovert
>loves~ pancakes, illustrating, photography, painting (plans on being a famous painter), tulips
>fears/boggarts~ being alone, heights
>patronus: Dolphin
>fun facts: can see Thestrals



"The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream." ~William Shakespeare

+Dylan Spencers ("Dee")+
>zodiac sign~ Libra
>sexuality: pansexual
>blood status: muggle born
>wand: Hazel wood, 12 1/2 in., Unicorn core
>year~ 5 (varies)
>age~ 14 (varies)
>animals: bearded dragon~ Nessie, Barn owl~ Barny
>personality: sensitive, quiet yet social, sugar addict, attentive, caring, extroverted introvert
>loves~ cold mornings, food, reading, makeup, peace, music, astrology, potions (plans on being a potioneer)
>fears/boggarts~ spiders, failing
>patronus: unknown
>fun facts: allergic to alcohol, silver tongue




"You had me down as the damsel? Oh, darling, I'm the wolf." ~S.R.W.

+Corbin "Mac" Books+
>zodiac sign: Aquarius
>sexuality: straight
>blood purity: Half blood~ raised by foster muggle mother
>wand: Pine wood, 14 1/2 in., Coral core
>year~ 6
>age~ 16
>animals: otter~ Gerald, Philippine Scops Owl~ O'Maley (cursed as an owlet)
>personality: sarcastic, caring, rebellious, loyal, introverted extrovert
>loves~ writing, music, friends, charity, individuality, astronomy (plans on being an Astronomer)
>fears~ being abandoned, blood
>patronus: peacock
>fun facts: skilled in astronomy, sorta shy




"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam. (I will either find a way or make one.)" -attributed to Hannibal

+Camilla Porter+
>zodiac sign~ Gemini
>sexuality: lesbian
>blood status: Halfblood~ brother is Kodiak Porter
>wand: Yew wood, 12 1/2 in., Phoenix feather core
>year~ 5th
>age~ 15
>animals: Kingsnake: Fel~ shared with Kodiak Porter
>personality: observant, friendly, family-oriented, intelligent, loyal, extrovert
>loves~ animals, sunsets, coffee, long nights, sunflowers, photography (plans on working on the Daily Prophet)
>fears~ routine, rats
>patronus: deer
>fun facts: cannot see thestrals (unlike her brother), plays stupid around those she likes



"Cunning is the art of concealing our own defects, and discovering other people's weaknesses." William Hazlitt

+Mathew Honduras+
>zodiac sign- Leo
>sexuality: bi-curious
>blood status: Pureblood
>wand: Silver Lime wood, 14 3/4 in., Augurey feather core
>year: 7
>age: 17
>animals: bunny: CiCi, Snowy owl: Alaska (male)
>personality: secretive, loyal, sarcastic, blunt, sweet (when your on his trusted list), intelligent, ambivert
>loves~ study of Leglimency and Occulmency, animals, tea, Divination, study of the mind
>fears~ disloyalty, water
>patronus: fox




“Once you show someone your true colors it is impossible to paint over them.” - Matshona Dhliwayo

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