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Hi! My name is Oliva Winter but Liv for short; it feels weird when people government name me. I am a first year student with many dreams ahead of me. I am a half-blood witch with a Pure blood mom and a muggle father.

Back in the muggle world I spent a lot of time doing with my school's band program where I played Clarinet for Concert season in the winter to sping time and Tenor Saxophone in the summer to fall time for Marching Band. I also am the Drum Major of said band. Along with playing the Clarinet and Tenor, I also play the Trombone and Snare drum. Needless to say I spend a lot of my free time dabbling with other instruments rather than practicing the ones I actually play for Marching or Concert season. 

Outside of band, the rest of my free time is spent doing other muggle things cause that is what I am accustomed to. I like to listen to music; metal music being my favorite, I enjoy hanging out with friends, reading and writing stories. When Ihand out with friends I tend to choose small and no very sociable places cause I don't enjoy talking to strangers that much since I do have social anxety. With that being said, I tend to lean towards having my own personal space and having a small but quiant friend group. 

A few of my friends I grew up with turned out to be Witches as well so alongside two of them, I was sorted into Slytherin. My mom was a Gryffindor which lead me to be a little shocked as to being sorted into Slytherin but after hanging out with some people it turns out I am just where i need to be with all the right people. 


First Year- In Progress

Astronomy- In Progress

Charms- In Progress

DADA- In Progress

Herbology- In Progress

History of Magic- In Progress

Potions- In Progress

Transfiguration- In Progress

Wand Details~

Wood- Hornbeam

Length- 12 3/4"

Core- Dragon Heartstring

I hope you got to learn some new things about me and if you are ever interested in being friends, send me a Owl to my dorm room. I'll look foward to seeing any owls you guys may send!

                           - Olivia Winter signing off <3

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