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Just a complete idiot who is more than happy to roleplay or just talk

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❖❖Declan Parker❖❖

➼Name: Declan Ryan Parker
➼House: Hufflepuff
➼Age: 17 - 18
➼Blood Status: Pure-blood
➼ Gender: Male
➼Sexuality: Bisexual
➼Pets: Snowy Owl named Gemini
➼Patronus: Dolphin
➼Hair Colour: Platinum Blonde
➼Eye Color: Blue
➼Fear: Snakes and Peanut Butter
➼Relationship Status: Single
➼➼ Declan is a friendly person who likes to make friends, although he is rather quiet and doesn't really talk to people very much and prefers his own company. He dislikes getting into arguments and will do what he can to avoid getting into an argument. He will always do what he can to make people feel better if he sees someone upset. He can usually be found either sitting in the Hufflepuff common room or in the library, reading a book.
His parents both attended Hogwarts and were both in Hufflepuff. Both of them were on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team and expected him to also be on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team but Declan never decided to join due to not being the best at flying.
➼Face Claim: Aaron Taylor Johnson (as Quicksilver)

✧✧Other Roleplay Characters✧✧
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❖❖Noor Stark❖❖

➼Name: Noor Annalise Stark
➼House: Slytherin
➼Age: 17 - 18
➼Blood Status: Pureblood
➼ Gender: Female
➼Sexuality: Bisexual
➼Pets: White cat called Snowbelle
➼Patronus: Rabbit
➼Hair Colour: Ginger
➼Eye Color: Hazel
➼Fear: Clowns
➼Relationship Status: Single
➼➼Noor is a really nice person, despite her being in Slytherin, but she can at times be a little bitchy without really meaning to be. She will do anything she can to protect the people she cares about. She is quite outspoken and doesn't care what people think of her. She hates to be bored and always tries to find something to do.
➼Face Claim: Elizabeth Olsen

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❖❖Darren Hale❖❖

➼Name: Darren Enoch Hale
➼House: Gryffindor
➼Age: 17 - 18
➼Blood Status: Half blood
➼ Gender: Male
➼Sexuality: Bisexual
➼Pets: Snowy Owl called Ash
➼Patronus: Wolf
➼Hair Colour: Blonde
➼Eye Color: Blue
➼Fear: Snakes
➼Relationship Status: Single
➼➼Darren is a rather talkative person who is always trying to make new friends. He is always willing to help people with their studies if they need help. He is very friendly and seems to have a gift of making people around him laugh and he will always do what he can to make people feel better, even if he doesn't know them.
➼Face Claim: Chris Evans

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❖❖Pietro Cortez❖❖

➼Name: Pietro Raphael Cortez
➼House: Hufflepuff
➼Age: 17 - 18
➼Blood Status: Muggle born
➼ Gender: Male
➼Sexuality: Gay
➼Pets: Black cat called Lucky
➼Patronus: Fox
➼Hair Colour: Brown
➼Eye Color: Blue
➼Fear: Bees
➼Relationship Status: Single
➼➼Pietro is quite loud and will talk to pretty much anyone. He is very intelligent and yet he tends to mess about in lessons at times which means he doesn't always hear what his teachers say. He doesn't always think before he speaks and on the odd occasion he has been known to offend someone without meaning to but he will always apologise.
➼Face Claim: Tom Holland

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❖❖Lucas Perrin❖❖

➼Name: Lucas Shane Perrin
➼House: Ravenclaw
➼Age: 17 - 18
➼Blood Status: Pureblood
➼ Gender: Male
➼Sexuality: Straight
➼Pets: Barn owl named Roxy
➼Patronus: Squirrel
➼Hair Colour: Brown
➼Eye Color: Brown
➼Fear: Spiders
➼Relationship Status: Single
➼➼ Lucas always seems to have a smile upon his face and is always loyal to those he loves and is usually more than happy to be a shoulder to cry on. He is an optimist and always tries to see the best in everyone around him and doesn't let anything upset him
➼Face Claim: Jeremy Renner

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✧✧Roleplay Rules✧✧
❖No Godmodding
❖At least 5 sentences - although I do prefer longer replies as it gives me more to go on with my replies
❖No asterisks
❖Use speech marks correctly
❖Don't leave everything up to me
❖Please make it as detailed as possible.
❖Please stick to one perspective. If you want to start roleplaying in first person that is fine and so is third person but please stick with one. Don't keep switching.
❖Please be patient with me as I can take a while to reply at times due to having a job IRL

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