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I love rping with everyone and I hate to say this but I’m leaving the site sometime soon

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Name: Cassandra Lynn Andrews
Birthday: October 6th
Age: just turned 15 (depends on rp though)
House: Slytherin
Year: 6/depends on rp
Looks: Bright Auburn hair, Hazel eyes, tall for her age(just going to be my actually height soo) she is 5’9.5” , scarily skinny, tan skin.
Personality: Really shy until she opens up. sarcastic, dramatic, really kind, especially for a slytherin, mysterous, loves to climb trees and read.
Any questions just let me know!



Name: Zander Jackson Andrews
Birthday: July 14th
Age: depends on rp
House: Slytherin
Year: depends on rp
L o oks : dark brown hair, green eyes, 6’6”, has a muscular body, a dark tan.
Personality: has a “bad” boy vibe, definitely sarcastic, will protect for those he cares about. Trust issues, fears many things but doesn’t show it. <---- Zander's Face Claim

Was very unsure about this oc buuut…

Name; Ella Jean Holt
Birthday: January 3rd
Age: depends on rp
House: Hufflepuff
Year: depends on rp
Looks: pale blonde hair, green eyes, short,5'3"
personality: bubbly, acts confident, has ADHD, ADD and OCD. <--- Face claim for Ella)

(I’m up for any kind of rp. I’m usually online a lot )

~~~some starters, cause why not?~~~~~

1.) Cassandra Andrews was in the great hall. She nibbled on a piece of toast. When she finished eating Half of her toast she looked up to see an owl in front of her. She rose a brow, clearly confused. The letter was addressed to her. She frowned. She never got letters. She took the letter and gave the owl a piece of her toast. She but the letter in her jacket pocket. She shook off her emotions and cleared her face. She pulled out out her book and buried her face in it and started to read.

2.) Cassandra Andrews looked around at all of the families. Her parents had already left. She carried her stuff onto the train and stumbled into a compartment. She muttered under her breath," screw my clumsiness." She put her trunk up on the rack. She closed the compartment door and stared out at the window at the other families. She couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. She pushed the feeling down and stared off into space.

3.) Ella Holt, a hufflepuff and a Muggleborn, she walked~ well skipped around the corridors. She smiled and waved at every first or second year she passed. She turned around and walked backwards as she looked around. Little did she know that there was someone coming around the corner....
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