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I am very straight forward so be warned. Im not gonna be easy on you. if i have something to say then i will say it- Richelle

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I am rachel berry and quinn fabrays little half sister Even though im her LITTLE sister that doesnt mean that my dreams are any smaller. I will be on broadway and i will be just like my idle's Helena Boham Carter, Millie bobby brown, Rebel wilson, Gweneth paltrow, Emma watson and carry fisher. they where stars but i will shine brighter i have a guinea pig named helena well pretend guinea pig.Also rachel does a star i do a rose because roses mean desire and enthusiasm which i have plenty of. And Just like rachel has been belting out Dont rain on my parade form funny girl since she was 3 i have done the same with defying gravity . After rachels dads got divorced one of them became BI and married my mother who is shelby corckren which makes me half sisters with beth! And beth is related to quinn fabray so in a way im related to her! So my parents say im half sisters with beth , rachel and quinn. Im kinda half rachel half quinn with Santana as my godmother. DONT RAIN ON MY PARADE.

My dream board:} of inspirations!!

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