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The Sorting Hat didn’t even have to touch my head to tell me that I was a Hufflepuff. It’s in my blood. I am a Diggory after all. Though my brother claims I should have been placed in Slytherin. Yes, Cedric Diggory is my older brother. I may be a pure blood wizard but please don’t ever get me mixed up with those Slytherin types. Blood purity means nothing to me. Though I do get along with some of the Slytherins well. Even the controversial choice of being close friends with the one and only, the infamous, Draco Malfoy. I am the same year as him and the famous Harry Potter. I’ve been playing quidditch since first year starting off as the back up Keeper but then being able to play actually games. I have a special talent when it comes to healing and Madam Pomfrey even allows me to pitch in an extra hand in the infirmary on occasion. My favorite subject has always been herbology and potions has always been my weakest class, but that might just be that Professor Snape doesn’t like me much. I always have a romance with Oliver Wood (Changed to be the same age as Cedric for purpose of the story). So yeah that’s me. I’m Amber Diggory. I'm the edgy kind of hufflepuff.
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