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Sonia Summers
Half-Blood (hates being called "Mudblood")
Shy and quiet but can fight back
Likes oversized sweaters and scarfs
Dark Brown Hair and Dark Brown Eyes
Wears huge glasses and losses them often
Has a crush on Jullian

Her dad is a high class wizard and will only let Sonia go outside if it was for school and groceries. Every once in awhile she'd sneak off with her brothers and go to her favorite craft store to grab supplies. She once through a birthday party for her self but...nobody came except for her brothers and her Chow Chow, Arcanine. Her brothers were there for her no matter what. It was until they got their acceptance letter. After that she was alone.

2 other OCs I have

Arcanine Summers
Chow Chow Golden Retriever mix
3 years old
Fluffy baby boi, 6'04 tall and 14" wide, golden brown
Likes Being pet, Dog treats, Getting showers, Roses
Dislikes Cats, Dark magic, wearing socks or shoes

Arcanine used to be a small dog but he was hit with a growing curse from Jullian's parents which made him grow 2 times his size. Sonia and her brothers made him a huge dog house for him to sleep in since he didn't fit inside their house anymore.

Jullian Ergo
Acts Tough, Mean, Aggressive, and Narsassistic. He's Actually Sweet, Caring, and protective.
Likes cuddles, candy, and scarfs
Fluffy dyed-white hair and hazel eyes. He likes to slick back his hair when he's at class.
Huge crush on Sonia

Both his parents are dark wizards and practiced different kinds of curses once and it got out of control spreading across the neighborhood. One of these curses hit Sonia giving her bad eyesight. Ever since Sonia arrived at Hogwarts he's been keeping an eye on her. He's gotten to know her better and he's been able to take her to Hogsmeade as a Huffle-buddy.
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