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Welcome but stay away. See you around school.

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Kai Villin
Shy until you get to know him
Cocky and proud when he knows you
Eyes change color
can shift into a cat

Other Ocs I will play

Ski malfoy
6 year
cocky but quiet
is ok with all students
hates the word 'mud-blood'
Has a younger sister named Lucy and she is in Hufflepuff
His father is in prison for almost killing Ski and his twin Jedrik.
Ski has shoulder length white hair and blue almost silver eyes that is always lit up or has mischief in them
He loves to play pranks and is best friends with Aria Potter.

Twin of Ski and same year
A quiet person but can cut you apart with his words
Not much is known about his back ground tho
He has shoulder length green hair and light blue eyes. Most of the time seen with a pair of headphones on his shoulders.

Cocky and shy
can shift into a cat and wolf
eyes change color but is always silver
Thorn has lost most of his family so it is hard for him to trust. If you gain his trust then you are family and he will drop everything to help.
He has a Smaller sister named Aadya.
Blond short hair and his eyes are silver with specks of gold and blue in them.
Rain potter
also hates the word 'Mud-blood'
first year
shy and quiet
He is bi and acts straight in front of people.
Short black hair with green eyes. His hair is never flat and his green eyes are always with mischief in them.

Valerie Malfoy
Pure blood but hates the fact
5 year
Half blind
15 years old but acts like a 12 year old sometimes
She can be kind to people that put in an effort to know her but hates when people judge her because of her brother Ski
Nick-names: Val,Rie
She can shift but does not like to shift, She shifts into a flame pelt cat that has the nick name Flame
If she calls you family then she will die for you.
Short white hair and one gold one silver eyes. She can see through only the gold eye but the silver eyes is her blind eye.
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