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"Fun" facts:
I love to cook, act, and read.
Is silence a thing in the world? Or is it just made-up?
"The moon is pretty and the sun is evil but a star is just something that shines." -Me

Five, four, three, two, one. Bye.


My Friends. If you mess with them, you mess with me.

Addison Snow,


Celestia .C. Granger,

Zia C.,

Louie .R. Granger,

Emily Rose Potter,

[sorry if I missed any close friends]


Here are some messages for each of my close friends:

You're kind, loyal, funny, and creative. And hey, maybe sometime we might meet each other in real life!

Addison Snow:
I wish I could meet you, oh how we would laugh! You're one of my best friends. Thank you so much for helping me edit my profile!

Celestia. C. Granger:
Celestia if anyone messes with you wow they're in danger! Your confident, bold, and nice. You may not like yourself but it's clear to me, that you're born to roam free!

Zia C.:
Zia, you're smart there's no doubt about it.
You have such a big heart! You stick up for your friends, you're very respectful. You helped a lot when the whole "Leader Zia" thing happened.

Louie .R. Granger:
You're a very close friend! I'd love to hang out with you every weekend! You're simply great! That's why your one of my best mates!

Emily Rose Potter:
You're very kind and gentle. I love how you want to help out everybody!


Roleplay rules:

~No Godmodding.
~At least four sentences.
~Don't leave everything up to me.
~Please make it as detailed as possible.
~If you want to end it please tell me do not ghost.
~If we are using first-person please use asterisks for movements.
~No roleplays using owls.
~I am fine with swearing and romantic content.

~Harry Potter
~Stranger Things
~Full House
~Ms. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children
~The Hobbit
~Star Wars
~Disney [Any movie I know them all]
~Haters Back Off
~How to Bee

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