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i came from a muggle family, or so i thought. my mother turned out to be a very powerful pureblood witch, a decendent of both Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin. i started showing signs of magic from the young age of 2 when i sneezed and broke my fathers nose, speaking of my father, he left when i was 8 when he found out my mother was a witch so we had to leave our town, but i still didnt know she was a witch until i was 11 and i got my letter from hogwarts! my mother was so exited and told me all about the magical world. it sounded amazing! when i finally got all my stuff from diagon alley, i was most exited for Defence Against The Dark Arts and Astronomy! when it was my turn to sit under the old hat, i was one of the most conflicting student he'd ever seen, it was a 15 minute hat stall! i had the bravery and ruthlessness of a Griffindor, the cunning and ambiguous-ness of a Slytherin, plus my heritage, the wits and knowledge of a Ravenclaw and the kindness, patience, loyalty and the hard working-ness of a Hufflepuff, plus my heritage. Finally the hat decided my Yellow and Black flag flew higher than everyone. on the second day of hogwarts, my mother was attacked by a werewolf so i was all on my own. but i hope to make new friends and have some fun learning every area of magic i can.
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