Arla Farley

Hogwarts Student

Muggleborn Ravenclaw. Potions fanatic. Bookworm. What more could you want in an outcast?

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I was chosen as a Ravenclaw, however, I was a hatstall; it took the Sorting Hat what seemed like hours to pick between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I absolutely adore Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts; I aspire to teach either when I leave. School life is troubling due to the fact I'm a muggleborn and not everyone respects me because of that. It's my worst feature.

I wasn't enrolled in Hogwarts when You-Know-Who rose to power but I remember hearing about it from my older brother, Jacob, before he went missing. He's been missing for three years now.

My greatest strength would be my kindness; it's my sensitivity that trips me up in life. I'm often emotional, and when I get really down it's hard for me to see hope.

As mentioned, I'm hoping to be a professor when I leave; not sure where yet but it might be abroad.

Magic is broad and diverse, with good and bad intentions. The best part is that you can do virtually anything with it. I prefer to use magic to help others, and only to help myself when necessary. I feel like I'm worth leaving behind to help others.

I have recently gotten a kitten, I'm hoping to find a name for her soon. She's enthusiastic about everything and loves playing; she's one of the most energetic animals I've seen.

My family has been troubled since Jacob left three years prior. He was involved in some sketchy business with a large number of galleons involved. My memory gets a bit patchy here, it was something about a break-in at Ilvermorny, a curse and a death eater. All I know is that Jacob made a run for it with two accomplices and we haven't heard from him since. It's resulted in many howlers from home and a lot of taunting from others at school.
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