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~Quick Information~
Name: Elvira Laura Lynn Webber
Age: 12 (Her birthday is June 29.)
Birthplace: London, Canada
Blood-Status: Muggle-born
Appearance: Elvira has blonde hair, green-blue eyes, wears rectangular glasses, and has silver and black braces.

As the only child of a muggle doctor (father) and a strict teacher (mother), Elvira was surrounded with books from the day she learned her ABCs. She didn't mind it, for she loved reading, but found herself having struggles with communicating with others later on. Not to mention that her parents were very critical when it came to magic, especially her step-mother- which is why her Hogwarts acceptance letter is hanging up in her bedroom.

From the moment she was born, Elvira's life was mapped out. She would attend a well-known, private nursery in London, Canada and then a private primary school in Thompson, North Dakota. Later on in life, she would attend an American or Canadian college, and eventually become a pharmacist. Little did she know, however, things wouldn't go as planned.

When she turned three, Elvira noticed complications- such as money- arise within her family. Of course, being so young, she really didn't understand what it meant. Around age 4, these complications turned to really big problems, and then at age 5, her father and mother got a divorce, and she moved into a large apartment with her father in Devon, England. She then continued her education in a well-rated private school, but was found to not be social- even more so than usual- and had problems with trust.

Later on, Elvira would discover that her mother died of a drug overdose, and her father wouldn't tell her until she turned 8, completely shattering the trust between them.

Her father, now having moved and remarried to a widow with fraternal twins (all of which with black hair and brown eyes, and the twins being slightly younger than Elvira), her father had created a new plan. She would instead go to a college in London, England or Paris, France, becoming whatever she wanted to become. She still was very successful when it came to making full marks.

On her eleventh birthday, however, Elvira's plans would change once again, but this time for the better. She had received her Hogwarts acceptance letter! She didn't know what this meant, at first, until her father told her about how his family's history of having a witch or wizard every third generation.

That September, Elvira was on her way to becoming a successful witch. Her study habits still hadn't changed, and she would sometimes sneak into the second and third years' classrooms to hear what they were learning, for she felt as if the first year was too easy. Her new plan is to become an auror, teacher, or even work in the Ministry, though she prefers to be moving around than sitting at a desk.
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