Rhea Mora


Birthday: Dec 17, 2007 Wand: Ebony wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 3/4 length and unyielding flexibility. Patronus: Lynx Ilvermorny: Thunderbird

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Her mother was a pureblooded Gryffindor while her father was a pureblood Slytherin.
Her fathers parents were very strict and controlling over their sons life and made an arranged marriage for him to another pureblood Slytherin even though he truely loved another.
Her mothers family was a very laid back and rowdy family, like those typical Gryffindor cliches, they had no problem with who their daughter married, as long as it wasn't anyone from the Mora family.
Her parents met in their first year and felt a pull to get to know eachother more, by their third year they were pratically inseprable but because of their heritage had to play it off as if they hated eachother to their cores. By their graduation they had already eloped and abandoned their families, flash forward about five years and Lucy Rhea Anne Mora was born on a cold December night in the year of 2007.
She had a very happy early childhood she was spoiled by her parents who loved her more than anyhting in the whole world she was taught some very basic non-wand spells once her magic awakened and from an early age she showed an interest in History and Astrology. When she was ten her parents were attacked by a group hired by the Mora family, niether survived. Her god-father, Wesly Locks, took her in and raised her with the help of her god-mother, Lillian Cross. After her parents death she swore to do her best in her studies at Hogwarts and make her parents proud.
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