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❖Basic Info❖
Name: Connor Greengrass
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Nicknames: Con Con, by one of his friends.
Race: Human/werewolf [wizard]
Age: 17 [flexible/depends on RP]
Height: 6’1”
Complexion: Caucasian
Hair: Dirty blonde.
Eyes: Grey blue
Faceclaim: Lucky Blue Smith
Relationship Status: Single
Personality: curious, ambitious, sometimes violent. He can also be very kind and might seem very shy at first.
Hogwarts house: Slytherin
Blood status: Pure-blood
Pet(s): Leon [english short hair]
Wand: Ash wood with a dragon heartstring core, 10” inch, Extremely flexible.
Added note(s):
Captain of the Slytherin quidditch team.
Head boy of Slytherin house
Studies to become a healer.
His patronus is a moose.

Swearing: No
Violence: No


Connor was born in Edinburgh but when he was four years old his father, Astor Greengrass, died and he and his mother, Anna Greengrass, moved to London where his aunt and grandparents lived. He had very few friends and was often bullied, causing him to become more violent.
A few years later he got bitten by a werewolf on an attempt to run away. It had been a dark and rainy night, and the family was spending time in a cabin in the woods where they spent most of their holidays, when Connor ran away. Though his 6 year old cousin, Thalia, had thought they were playing a game thus she followed him. They were attacked by a werewolf, killing Thalia and then attacking Connor. Though Anna saved him, or at least made sure he didn’t die. Due to the death of Thalia partially being Connor’s fault his aunt and her family cut ties with Anna and Connor, moving to France a few months later.

Anna made Connor swear that he would never tell anyone about him being a werewolf, as Anna’s reputation had already been damaged by the sudden death of Thalia and the speculations around the Greengrass family’s daughter.
You see the Family Greengrass has a dark secret. A secret that, up until he was 10, Connor didn’t even know about. His sister, Delilah Greengrass, was a squib. His mother and the rest of his family tried to hide it from everyone, and eventually when Delilah was 17, meaning she was of age in the wizarding world, got sent out of the home to figure things out for herself.

When Connor was 11 he got his Hogwarts letter and went to Hogwarts. On the train to Hogwarts he met Andreas Bell another pureblood wizard, which was convenient because his mother had told him he wasn’t allowed to speak with any other then pureblood students.
Connor got sorted into Slytherin house just like Andreas, they became best friends soon after. Andreas’ sister, Johanna was a year older than them and was always looking over Andreas’ shoulder, making sure he was doing everything perfectly for their parents. Andreas and Johanna had a very interesting relationship, they were constantly arguing but they were also extremely close. Johanna being very bright, a scholar, and always wanting to get the best grades, also being very talented at Quidditch. And Andreas who was more laid back, he didn’t care much for grades, he was possibly one of the most popular students in Slytherin house and only put on his serious face when he felt it was truly needed, per example; when his parents were keeping an eye on him. Connor eventually became very good friends with Johanna as well, looking up to her in a way.
In his 2nd year he, due to Johanna pressuring him into it, joined the Slytherin Quidditch team and he ended up being very good at it. So good that in his 5th year he became the captain of the team.
In his 5th year he also confessed something to Andreas and Johanna, he told them about him being a werewolf. Johanna didn’t seem the least bit surprised and said she had suspected it since the first year she met him. And Andreas, although surprised, was very accepting of it. They swore never to tell anyone, especially not their parents as Andreas and Johanna knew their parents would never let them be friends with a werewolf.

During the summer before his 6th year at Hogwarts his mother fell ill, she was brought to St Mungo's but they weren’t sure what was wrong with her. Connor kept it a secret from Andreas and Johanna, though Johanna felt something was wrong. She didn’t mention it though since she was very busy studying for her N.E.W.T.’s.

This year Connor decided to write a letter to Delilah, he hadn’t had contact with her in years and he wasn’t sure if she even wanted to know what was going on with their mother but he felt it was appropriate, since he was fairly certain that if their mother had the upper hand, Delilah would never know. Which Connor thought wasn’t fair.
Thus he spent days figuring out how to write a letter to his sister, when he eventually did finish the letter he sent it to her. He didn’t hear from her for months, Connor had started to think she either didn’t care or the letter had never arrived.
But after 5 months he got a letter back from Delilah. She wrote that she was sorry he had to go through that, though that she did not care what happened to her mother and that she wanted nothing to do with their family. She said that she had started a new, was now married and had a baby girl to take care of. She offered to help Connor, but only Connor, if anything happened to their mother.
Connor had expected a reply like this and wasn’t at all surprised, he decided not to write her back because he felt she wouldn’t appreciate it.

His 7th year at Hogwarts rolled around, and he had spent most of his summer in St Mungo's with his mother, it had only been two weeks into the school year when Connor received the news that his mother had passed away.
Connor finally decided to tell Andreas, as Johanna had graduated the year before.
That same week Connor attended his mother’s funeral and had to go back to school days later. Teachers went a little easier on him the first few weeks but after a few days Connor had already told himself to get it together and just keep going. Of course he had been worried about his mother, though they had never been close, but in a way he felt everything was better this way.
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