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Dane McKenzie’s life in the Wizarding World of Witch Craft and Wizardry.

Family Origin & History

The McKenzie family has been quite a large family, branching off to many other different last names. The McKenzie name originates from Scotland around the 18 hundreds but travels to many other countries, from England to Australia. Dane with his sister and parents live in Australia.

• Madeleine McKenzie was born in the year 1965 and Joseph McKenzie was born in the year 1964. Living a year apart.
Madeleine was born in northern Australia and her parents used to breed antipodean Opaleye dragons down in New Zealand. Joseph was born in England when his parents were both Scottish, they wanted to live in England and did so. they worked in the ministry of Magic.

• They married each other in the year 1987 and both had met each other at Hogwarts, Madeleine was a hufflepuff and Joseph a Ravenclaw. And after leaving Hogwarts they returned to Australia to start a farm of both muggle animals and magical creatures.
(They both created a business of collecting resources from their livestock and selling to muggles their usual cow, sheep and chicken as well as plant produce. For magic folk they needed ingredients for potions or plants for Hogwarts, so they grew mandrakes, peppermint, rose flowers,and collect ashwinder eggs, pearls to crush up and package pearl dust, caterpillars and lots more for any witch or Wizard.)

• Dane was born in the year 1990, 28th day of November.
(Dane was born in a house in the outback of Australia where Madeleine and Joseph have set up their farm. He was born at home and Joseph who has same knowledge of labour, he did the necessary checks on the new baby and cleaned him up for Madeleine and gave him to her. He was a crier but as he grew, he become quite easy to handle but sometimes didn’t do what he was told. At the age of 4 he was told to stay away from the billywigies yet he went near them and had gotten stung, Joseph had to grab him from the air because of the levitating side affects and his father had to give him a big lecture, the strict man that he was.)

• Two years later and Jade was born in the year 1992, the 5th of December.
(Jade was born in the couch of the same farm house and grew up almost mimicking what her older brother did, she looked up to him for a really long time before she started making many of her own decisions, she was told by her brother Dane that mother said she definitely acts more like a gryffinder then anything, all in a good way of course. She’s brave and knows how to stand up for herself.)

• Joseph left and divorced Madeleine only a month after Jade was born, his reasoning was that this life wasn’t for him and he wasn’t satisfied. The year 1993.
(In the year 1993, just a month after Jade was born, Joseph had decided to leave Madeleine and divorce her, it was a rainy stormy day and he’d left, to England. He told Madeleine that he wasn’t satisfied with this life and didn’t feels like this was good for him. Madeleine let him go without a fuss because if that’s what the father of her children was truly like and willing to let them go, then she’d rather him gone anyway.)
• The year 1995, Madeleine found out he had a new wife and worked at the Ministry of Magic.
(Madeleine was left to take care of her two children and as well as maintain the farm, one day she was readying the Daily Prophet and found out that Joseph had taken up work there, quickly gaining a good reputation and even a new wife called Emma, she was a pure-blood and she was apart of a family full of past Slytherins but was a Ravenclaw herself.)
• In the year 2001 Dane was sent a Hogwarts letter to attend the Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry
Dane was 11 years of age when he received a letter from Hogwarts, his mother helped up with everything. She paid to travel to London with Dane and Jade, she helped him buy his books in Flourish & Blotts, they went to Madam Malkins for his robes, and Olianders for his wand (his wand being Maple Wood, DragonHeartstring core, 11 1/4 ” in length and a slightly yielding flexibility. They bought all the other supplies like a cauldron and his mother even let him get a kitten but as long as he took care of it. Once at Hogwarts he was sorted into hufflepuff but he was nearly chosen to be in Gryffinder due to his bravery.

• Two years later Jade received one as well and started to attend Hogwarts.
Madeleine did the same things for Jade as she did with Dane, but this time Dane helped her more around Diagon Allay, being the big brother that he is.. Jade had decided to buy an owl instead of a rat or a toad or cat. She was sorted into Gryffinder and her mother and Dane had seen that coming.

• Madeleine ends up meeting a muggle named Harrison in the year 2000 and ends up marrying him in the year 2006.
• Dane left Hogwarts in the year 2008 and jade left in 2010
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