Lucius Gryffin

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My name is Lucius Gryffin and I just recently became a student on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I live, together with my two parents and my younger brother, in the area of Manchester, UK. My mother was born in Manchester and my father is from Germany, so I was raised bilingual.
Both wizards, so I'm a pure-blood, just like my younger brother. My wand is made from apple-wood, with unicorn hair as a core and a slight flexibility. It is also 10 inches long.
My favorite hobby is reading. As for genre, I'll read anything that looks interesting, but my favorite authors are both Neil Gaiman and Cody McFadyen. I also enjoy watching TV-Shows and doing crafts, mostly cross-stitch and knitting and I watch a tone of anime and read lots of manga, but I won't list all of my favorites, since the list is quite long. However, my favourite manga is, and will always be, Oyasumi Punpun by Inyo Asano.
As for my Likes and Dislikes, I really enjoy tea and sweets, as well as books and talking to other people. I'm generally a bit of a shy person, but if you're nice and open, I tend to warm up fairly quickly. As for Dislikes, I'm not the biggest fan of cats (Mostly because I'm terribly allergic to them...) and I don’t like anything scary, like horror movies or games. Weirdly enough, things like Crimes or Thrillers are totally fine, so I guess I’m just not into jump-scares? Who knows?
Also I am terribly afraid of open water, as well as heights, so I'm really not looking forward to learning how to fly on a broom...

Last but not least, I may not be into roleplaying, but I'd still like to meet new people, so feel free to PM me about anything you want or just write something on my wall : )
I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of new and interesting people.
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