Kai Villin

Student (healer)

loves slytherin and Ravenclaw but can't stand griffindor and is ok with hufflepuffs. Can do all kinds of rp just owl me with ideas.

  • Joined October 2019
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 9 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


Name: Kai Villin
Blood: Pure Blood
123 years old and is a demon( whole family is).
Has two sides of him. Demon side which is angry and rude, And the soft side which is shy and soft spoken.
fav. Past times: Reading and Pranking teachers and Trouble.
He is a pure-blood but is treated as a muggle-born but he does not care about that stuff after the first month
Can turn eyes different colors
Patronous: A white owl
Can become a 2 feet tall cat that has a bit of red on it's tail.
Powerfull.... Been able to do magic since 3 years old can do it with or without a wand and is able to do wordless magic.
5.3 which is short for a boy. shoulder langth black hair with red markings in it. lanky and does not eat much.
Family: Emma Villin ( Mother) Damion Villin (Father) Skar Villin (Older Brother) Iris ( Older Sister) Owen ( Twin Brother) and Ajay (Younger Brother) and all but his twin had rejected him.
So he left and found 2 boys that became his brothers. Thorn and rain.

Other OCs that I will play

14 is a cat shifter and does not age
can do any kind of magic
No family but kai and rain
oldest of the 3
Pure blood
Fav. past times: reading, playing in cat form and pulling pranks
Can become emotionless when wants to.

can shift into any animal
youngest of the 3
pure blood
Past times: playing pranks and hanging out with friends
Can turn emotions off if needed to.

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