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My name is Darcy Blitt, a Hufflepuff 1st year! I tend to gravitate more towards Slyhterin students though. People really judge them too harshly, slytherins really are quite nice. They’re just defensive. I come from a halfblood family, though my mother is dead, so it’s just me, my muggle father, and my older siblings, Ruth and Caleb. Caleb is in his 7th year, Ravenclaw, and plans to be a Dragon Tamer, while Ruth is in her 5th year and plans to be a Auror. Me? I adore Herbology and Charms, and want to become a healer! I just adore the idea of saving people, and really, my dream job is becoming a Hogwarts healer, like madam Pomfrey. I not only want to help people through physical pain, but offer mental and emotional aid. The wizarding world really is blind to mental health issues!


Skin: pale
Eyes: grayish blue
Hair: long- blood red tinted brown
Style: Vintage, soft girl aesthetic
Voice: soft, melodic

Also I have a chorus and theatre club, check the groups tab!

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