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(Sometimes I may play the villainous character as well. Same backstory different personality)

Abigail is the only child of the Yvarra Family. The Yvarras are a noble and strong house, well respected by wizards and witches alike. They are the perfect description of "aristocratic" and work very hard to keep that reputation up to hide their involvement with the dark lord a secret, Abigail originally had no idea of this.

Her biggest pride is her family name and she will always try to keep their reputation pristine. Abigail always respected her mother and father and worked hard to not disappoint them. The "demeanour of a noble" was drilled into since she was young, to be graceful and sophisticated, the perfect lady. As such she was gotten quite good at deceiving others, a trait she accidentally gained.

Due to Abigail constantly being in high society, she is not very familiar with the ways of the other kids at school, though she does try to learn and understand, she may sometimes come off as condescending or judgmental. Abigail had gotten her wand at age 6 and thus learnt magic at an earlier age than most children.

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