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Liv is muggle-born and lives in America with her sister, where the two moved to London to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The sorting hat tempted the idea of sorting her into Gryffindor, with her bravery and courage for being different. Instead, the Hat chose Hufflepuff for her empathetic and caring side. Liv isn't afraid to do the right thing and be punished or unknown for her acts of kindness, and also her love for magical creatures is more than her love of potions.

Liv prefers to hang in her dormitory with her tabby cat, Sam and reading the newest manual by Newt Scamander. while drinking hot cocoa. Her love for magical creatures leads to a beautiful friendship with Hagrid and an introverted personality throughout the day. Liv is kind to others and doesn't hesitate to defend a pure-blood Slytherin or a bookworm Ravenclaw against cocky Gryfindoors. She prefers not to go to Quidditch matches due to crowds and the loudness of others but doesn't mind helping Hagrid on the grounds and watching the practices when no one is around.

Liv is a small girl with light skin and freckles dotting along her nose and cheeks. Her hair is unique, with one side shaved to be fuzzy and spikey on Sunday mornings, and the other long and curly to show her natural hair, as well as some blue tips on the ends to show her 'rebel' side. Liv wears baggy sweaters and patched jeans, always holding her hair up with her wand and having limitless supplies of lint rollers from home.
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