Allison Semoria Greenland


Hey, you! *she pulls out her sketchbook while taking a pencil from behind her ear* I love your hair! Do you mind if I make a quick sketch of you?

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The life of a half-blood is not always easy. On one hand, there is my mother who works in the ministry of magic. As a former Ravenclaw, it's self-explaining that she expects my best performance in school. My muggle-father, on the other hand, is a natural scientist, who's world view had been changed extremely since my parents got married. Chances are high that I inherited my love for sketching and magical creatures from him. It's the only class in which I can fulfill my mother's expectations, since I prefer reading Newt Scamander's "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" over playing Quidditch. Even tho I enjoy watching it on a regular basis, there is a reason why I had not been sorted into Gryffindor. I always treat Hogwart's professors with the highest respect (probably because of my general fear of consequences) and can not be seen without a sketchbook and a pencil behind my ear... and of course my dog. I was only allowed to keep her since she isn't much taller than a rat and since my mother is well known amongst the professors.

Hair: chin-long, curly, deep brown
Eye color: dark, warm brown
Skin: slightly pale
height: 1,75cm
favorite color: dark red
Nickname: Alice, Ally, Green

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