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I was sitting on my bed, my face in a book as usual, when I heard a vehicle stop for a few seconds outside my house before continuing with their drive. I rose from my bed and walked over to the window, seeing a Grumman LLV driving to the end of the road. I looked down at my driveway and noted that my parents weren't home yet. After setting my book on the side table and open my door, walking down the stairs. As I open the front door, the warm summer air gently surrounded me, making me feel relaxed as my skin soaked up the vitamin C. I stepped out the door and onto the cool, damp grass. As I walked across the lawn and to the mailboxes, which were awaiting my arrival, I made a mental note to bring my book outside and read under the warm sun. I looked into the box holding the mail and took out a newspaper, that would soon be used to start fires, and a letter with my name on the front of it. With the newspaper tucked under my arm, I walked back into the house, fumbling with the letter. When I entered the cool house, once more, I set the newspaper on the dinner table and plopped down on the couch. I ripped open the envelope, ignoring the wax seal, and took out the letter. After unfolding it, my eyes scanned the page as they had for the book, although i had the read the letter at least five times to make sure I was reading it properly. I'm sure that if i had a sip of water, I would have spit it out in surprise as they did in the movies. Instead of being over dramatic, my jaw hung open in astonishment. My parents had a lot of explaining to do when they got home.

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