Willow Bane


Hey there! I'm a curious soul who enjoys learning new things and exploring the world around me. Feel free to send me an Owl if you'd like to chat!

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House: Slytherin

Birthday: May 25th

Blood Status: Muggle-born



~fair complexion

~covered in freckles

~almond brown eyes 

~shoulder length purple hair

~oftentimes found in oversized sweaters and knee-length skirts whenever out of uniform

Pronouns: she/her

HiH Occupation: Student


Willow Rose Bane was born on May 25th, 20XX. She was originally raised in a small town in Orgeon, but on a spur-of-the-moment decision, her parents decided to move her and her siblings to the UK. She's the oldest of three, and one of two witches amongst her siblings. Her younger sister Evelyn has started showing signs of magic, whereas her younger brother Arthur hasn't shown any yet. 

Before attending Hogwarts, around the age of nine, she started noticing weird things. Her little brother was playing with her one day when she accidentally made him levitate! He was very upset with her, but soon was amazed as she ended up doing other things around the house. It wasn't too long before she recieved her acceptance letter to Hogwarts by owl, and off she went! Soon thereafter, she recieved word of her younger sister Evelyn's magical abilities! 

Willow aspires to be a professor someday and can oftentimes be found in the library with her nose buried in a book. She is quite socialable, however, and is always down for a chat! She oftentimes takes notes of some of her studies in class in order to send them back home to her siblings! 


Outside of the wizarding world, I am a full-time college student studying English and Music! Whenever I'm not practicing my instruments, you can oftentimes find me curled up with a good book or playing video games on a lazy afternoon. I have three loving cats that I love taking naps with.

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